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Spring & Summer

Message in a Bottle. No boundaries can stop the Eve signal. A collaboration between Lord Maldoror and Fulcrum is retold with the help of custom-made animation, as they move the Pipebombing weapon from Tranquility to China's Serenity server. More discussion of the theme on Reddit.

During his keynote at Fanfest, CCP CEO Hilmar expressed an interest in the possibility of (one day) making the artistic theme of the video a reality.


Autumn & Winter

Gridline Bombing (Reddit)

One Night on the Gridline (EN24)

The Letter War Concludes: Gains, Losses and Moe Moe (Reddit)

The Letter War (Reddit)

Summer (RnK Wiki)

The Rooks and Kings WIKI is online.

July Update

Two main sections have been added: a Campaign and an Operation. Both are packed to the brim with unreleased recordings, images and video.

Campaign Pages:

Pipebombing Campaign (Third Era)

Operations Pages:

The Little House on the Prairie (Pipebomb Strike)


Winter (Clarion Call 4)

Media response to Clarion Call 4:

The Fourth in the Clarion Call Series (

Eve At War - Documenting the Pipebomb (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

Eve Online Movie: Clarion Call 4 (PCGamesN)

Their Greatest Yet: Clarion Call 4 (TMC)

Interview with Lord Maldoror (TMC)

Awesomesauce (EN24)

Clarion Call 4 (Reddit)

Some People Play MMOs, Some play Eve (Hardcore Casual)

The Birth of a Pipebombing Campaign (Ancient Gaming Noob)

Clarion Call 4 Is Must See (Eve Simplified)

Returning Home (Bnizzle)


Eve is Real And So Are Its Medals (Some Images Broken)

Serenity Medals (Reddit

"All I Wanted to Do Was Blops a Barge.." (Reddit)

The False Tower in the East (Reddit)

Spring (The Drebuchet & Other Action)

Reddit: 'As Close As It Gets' (A Pipebomb Survivor)

Articles & Discussion Regarding the 'Drebuchet':

Eve News 24: R&K Tactics and Weaponry: The Drebuchet

Reddit: The Drebuchet

Faction The Drebuchet

A selection of articles regarding the 4K Materials & Footage from Titanomachy:

PC Gamer Article

Eurogamer Article

Reddit Thread



A Blaze In the Western Sky - TMC Interview

A Blaze In the Western Sky - Reddit

CCP Facebook - War Crimes in Fountain

News Archive (Summer 2013 and before)

Old news from 2009-2013 will gradually be archived here. Since many of the links (e.g. from TMC and EN24) have changed over time and/or image and killboard links have broken, a good number of the archives will be in image format.

Winter 2012 - Top 5 Battles of 2012 (EN24)

Winter 2012 - RnK, UMAD & -A- Battle over Titan (TMC}

Winter 2012 - Cyno goes up, Erebus Goes Down (EN24)

Winter 2012 - Pipebombing Nulli (TMC)

Winter 2012 - Rooks and Kings take on Incursions: Mister K (TMC)

Winter 2012 - Clarion Call Incursions: Mister K (EN24)

Winter 2012 - New Rooks and Kings video: Mister K (reddit)

Summer 2012 - Autumn's Atilla: RnK take on Transmission Lost (TMC - Full Battle Report)

Summer 2012 - Abaddons, Navpocs and Dreads brawl in Providence (TMC - Full Battle Report)

Summer 2012 - Dancing with the Empress: Capitals in Providence (TMC)

Summer 2012 - RnK vs Provi (EN24)

Summer 2012 - Battle In Syndicate (EN24)

Summer 2012 - RnK and AHARM: Old Enemies Clash Again (EN24)