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In 2013, CCP ran a competition to celebrate some of the greatest stories from New Eden. The adventures submitted were called 'True Stories' due to the emergent and unscripted nature of Eve gameplay.

Perhaps predictably, the event eventually turned into something of a downvote-frenzy and included mandatory tactical voting from large alliances, each hoping to enshrine their own takes on history. Nonetheless, the competition served to create an interesting inventory of snippets from Eve's legacy. Rooks and Kings was the only group to have three separate stories placed in the top ten. The links below go directly to CCP's True Stories site.

Player Owned Surprise

"Player Owned Surprise" was a story later told in the False Tower video. Although a more traditional and militaristic Eve story than The Ferryman, it had more than its fair share of supporters.

The Ferryman

The story of the 'Ferryman' was a little different to our other offerings. It involved no special tactics, no turning points in key battles and not even much in the way of combat at all. Moreover, it was an event that passed almost unnoticed at the time. And yet it garnered a considerable following in the Eve Media, for example this reddit thread or this Eve-O thread. It sheds some light on the sentimental side of RnK, away from the combat and strategic aspects. Perhaps this is also what makes it a valuable story: it reminds us of the importance of different alliance cultures in Eve, lest the game simply devolve into an arbitrary battle of Standings.

The Starburst

A high velocity exit.

Additionally, a pictorial entry entitled The Circle of Life was also submitted.