Item details - Scourge Fury Heavy Missile
Scourge Fury Heavy Missile
The Scourge heavy missile is an old relic from the Caldari-Gallente War that is still in widespread use because of its low price and versatility.

A modified version of the Scourge heavy missile. Does more damage than its predecessor but the volatile nature of the warhead, and its powerful containment system, reduce both flight time and precision.
Cargo capacity 0 m3
Mass 1,000 kg
Volume 0.03 m3
Baseprice 600,080 ISK
Tech Level 2 Level
Meta Level 5 Level
aimedLaunch 1
structureUniformity 1
Explosion Velocity 68 m/sec
Signature Radius Modifier 5.4 %
Explosion Radius 241 m
aoeFalloff 1500
aoeDamageReductionFactor 4.5
aoeDamageReductionSensitivity 5.5
Maximum Flight Time 4875 s
requiredSkill3Level 5
requiredSkill2Level 5
Explosive damage 0 HP
Structure Hitpoints 120 HP
Maximum Velocity 4300 m/sec
Inertia Modifier 0.000144 x
detonationRange 300 m
EM damage 0 HP
Kinetic damage 191 HP
Thermal damage 0 HP
Used with (Launcher Group) Missile Launcher Heavy
Primary Skill required Heavy Missile Specialization
Secondary Skill required Heavy Missiles
Tertiary Skill required Missile Launcher Operation
requiredSkill1Level 1
Structure Kinetic Damage Resistance 0.8 %
Structure Thermal Damage Resistance 1 %
Structure Explosive Damage Resistance 1 %
Structure EM Damage Resistance 1 %